Get involved

Haptipedia is a community-sourced database. You can contribute to its accuracy and growth in the following ways:

Report inaccuracies or provide extra information and assets for a device

When interacting with Haptipedia, you might find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You find a familiar device but its specifications is inaccurate or incomplete. This can include quantitative and rated attributes or textual descriptions, links, and images.
  • For one of the devices, you have images and/or videos of the device that you own and would like to share them with the community. e.g., You used the device in an experiment and have a video of the experiment.
  • You notice a bug or usability problem with the visualizations
  • You noticed any other inaccuracies or issues

If any of the above happens, please report it at

Sign-up to review devices in our database sandbox

The sandbox entries will be future additions to the database. You help improve these entries by verifying and complementing their extracted attributes.

To sign up as a reviewer, please fill this form:

Suggest or Enter data for a new device or a new attribute

If you want to enter data about a device into the Haptipedia database (whether or not you created the device), you can use the following form:

Before entering a new device, please make sure that the device is a grounded force-feedback device (e.g., not an exoskeleton) and that it is not already included in the Haptipedia visualization (

We and the haptic community will review your entry and add them to the database.

Alternatively, you can suggest that we include a device in future by emailing [email protected] with information about the device; i.e., a link to the device publication or datasheet.


If you have any other inquiries about the Haptipedia project, please email [email protected]